Sunday School


   Beginners Class - Ages 5 & 6


Beginners Sunday School TeachersThe Beginner's Sunday School Class currently uses a two-year rotation with our Sunday School curriculum. The first year we go through "A Bible Alphabet" by Alison Brown. The children learn about a huge Ark, a very special Basket, a colorful Coat, and so on. In each lesson or story there is an application made from scripture pertaining to an attribute of God or an imperative to obey the gospel. Each week the children color or paint their own coloring sheet that corresponds with the "letter of the week." At the end of the year each student will have his or her very own "Bible Alphabet Book." For the Second year we study Creation, the lives of the Patriarchs and finish the year with the life of Moses using flannel graphs. The children memorize various portions of Scripture during their two years in the Beginner's Class. Each class is opened with prayer    followed by singing time, the story/lesson and craft time.         

   Teacher: Dani Hodgins (left)         Assistant: Kathy Craig (right)







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