What To Expect

We are very pleased that you are considering visiting us here at Trinity!  Here's what to expect at one of our typical morning worship services:
  • Our service typically lasts for about an hour and fifteen minutes (10:45 to Noon).  Most everyone comes a few minutes early to secure their preferred seating, and to prepare their hearts for worship as the pianist plays meditative music.
  • One of the pastors will welcome everyone and make any necessary announcements.  Then he will call the congregation to worship, usually with the reading of a verse from the Bible.
  • At this time in the service, we have a formal Scripture Reading from the pulpit by one of the men in the church.  Each Lord's Day, the Scripture-reader will read the next 20-verse section, so that after a few years, we will have read through the entire Bible as a congregation.
  • After the Scripture Reading, the pastor leads the congregation in a hymn, a psalm, or a song of praise.  In our morning worship services, we try to make a point of singing to all three Persons of the Godhead.  Usually the first hymn is directed primarily to the Father, the second hymn to the Son, and the third hymn to the Holy Spirit.
  • After the first hymn, the pastor then leads the congregation in a prayer of invocation, asking God to be pleased to meet with His gathered people and bless the prayers, the praises, and the preaching.
  • After a couple of other hymns and another time of pastoral prayer, the pastor/preacher enters the pulpit and brings to the congregation a 40-50 minute message from God's Word.  We regard this time of preaching not only to be a continuation of worship (listening to Christ speak to us through His Word and by His Spirit), but also to be primary and indispensable to the worship service.
  • Occasionally there will be a baptism during our morning worship service, and we also observe the Lord's Supper (Communion) on the first Sunday of the month in the afternoon after our monthly Fellowship Meal.
  • As far as 'what to wear', you will find that people at Trinity dress anywhere from casual to formal, but with a concern to be modest and non-distracting to other worshipers.
  • We do provide child-care for children up to the age of 4, and we encourage parents to take advantage of this service.  There is also an area in the back of the sanctuary that is reserved for families with small children who choose to have their young ones in the worship service with them.
We invite you to come and worship our Triune God with us.  We trust that you will find our services God-centered and soul-enriching.





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